GarMannBeing able to participate in Walk This Way With Stacey McKenzie and the chance to meet with Stacy personally was a life changing experience. Aside from her in-depth thorough understanding of the fashion industry, hearing from Stacey’s personal experience as a model was priceless. Not only now that I have a much better understanding of the fashion industry, I also learned what it would take to continue in pursuing my career as a model. What I got from the workshop is far more than just knowledge about the industry. It was encouragement and confidence. I remember the very first thing Stacey had said to me was, “Don’t let whatever others had said get to you.” This is the rule I go by in my everyday life. In my two years of modeling I’ve had some very unpleasant experience, it used to took me awhile to get over it. But I learned that it was nothing compared to what Stacey had to go through at the beginning of her career. Listening to Stacey’s story and knowing the work she had put into her modeling career is truly inspirational. Since the workshop, I have been making changes and taking more control of my modeling career following Stacey’s advice. Here I have to thank Stacey for all the advice and opportunities she has given me. Things wouldn’t have been the same if I haven’t met Stacey through the workshop. Walk this way with Stacy Mckenzie is a life changing experience. - Garmann Carmen Lee


“Ever since I was young I dreamt of being a model. From trying on my mother’s clothes to posing infront of my mirror. It wasn’t until I met Stacey McKenzie at her Walk This Way Workshops that I really understood what it took to be a model. How hard you have to work as a black model in this industry. Because of Stacey McKenzie I have gained so much insight, and knowledge when it comes to the model business. Her words have encouraged me to become a more confident and bright young woman. And most importantly she taught me to be wise and to never let anyone tell me that I cannot do anything. Stacey, you rock!” - Renee Thompson, Model, Law Student

lorraine hartnetStacey McKenzie is truly both an icon and a role model in her industry. Tenacity, entrepreneurial spirit and absolute professionalism have combined to create opportunities that have ner existed previously, and opened doors for many that have followed.  Although her numerous high-profile campaigns and appearances have created her legend, it’s her integrity that has endeared her to loyal clients and countless followers.  As a mentor, her influence in the modelling field is unmatched in Canada, due in no small part to the personal, inspiring nature of her message.  - Lorraine Hartnett Director/Manager Next Models Canada


“Stacey McKenzie teaches by uplifting spirits with her animated personality and warm words. She advises her students   on how to succeed in this cut-throat industry; critiquing their runway walk and photoshoot poses. Each student receives a model booklet which lists credible agencies in both Toronto and NYC. Walk This Way Workshops has helped me in further developing into a successful male model.” - Alex Kato , Model & Actor

dan grant“Stacey McKenzie is one of the true legends of International Modeling. Her persistence and passion broke barriers worldwide and opened up opportunities for girls that didn’t fit in the mainstream.  As noteable as her numerous print, runway and on screen appearances have been. equally remarkable is the insight McKenzie has taken from her vast experiences.  As a speaker,instructor or commentator, McKenzie’s unique and informed opinions are a timeless testimony to the successful modeling experience.” - Dan Grant- Modelresource

When I first heard about Stacey McKenzie’s Walk This Way Workshops, I was reluctant to go. But there was just something so interesing about the program. The bio I was given about the program was, “You will be able to do things that very few kids get the opportunity to do”. So I decided to try it out. Not only did we get to meet Fashion Designers, Fashion Stylists, Singers, Actors, Artists, Models, etc, but we also had the opportunity to do activities relating to their occupation. So I took a risk and tried it out. And now I can tell you that it was by far the best risk that I have ever taken in my LIFE! Thank you Stacey!!! – Tehillah (WTWW Camp girl)


Stacey McKenzie gives a very passionate and engaging presentation to students of the challenges she faced coming to Toronto from Jamaica as a young girl, and her determination and perseverance to overcome any obstacle in her way to become a top model and be a great success in the fashion industry.  Stacey is very personable and connects very well with students, and her many anecdotes and stories about her experiences in Toronto schools and also her rise to the top of the fashion industry have kept my students in rapt attention.  Stacey is very generous with her time and clearly enjoys speaking with and working with students.  Several of my students have been fortunate to attend Stacey’s Walk This Way Workshops and they were very enthusiastic about their experiences during this program.  Thank you Stacey! - David Debelle, Principal for Lawrence Heights Middle School


I attended my first Walk This Way Workshops in 2010 and was amazed at how informative the workshop was.  No stone was left unturned from getting an agent, to promoting yourself, to the pitfalls of the industry.  I felt that Stacey McKenzie not only brought credibility to her workshop, but her class, charisma, demeanour and professionalism as a speaker drew her audience in and were able to see the fashion industry through her eyes.  I’ve never had so much fun and have continued to attend future workshops since.”Raven Cinello


“Want to get into the modeling industry?  Stacey McKenzie’s Walk this Way Workshops are a great place to start.  Her striking looks and big personality are only upstaged by her huge heart and desire to provide young women with the guidance she wishes she’d been given when she was starting out.  You’ll get no-nonsense advice about the fashion industry, learn to identify your strong points, hear heartfelt, funny anecdotes about life on the runway and leave feeling energized and ready to take on the world of fashion!” - CosmoTV


I am writing this to serve as a strong endorsement for the Walk this Way Workshops conducted by celebrity and Top Fashion Model Icon Stacey Mackenzie. I have experienced first hand Stacey’s workshop as an invited guest and found it not only to be an extremely informative and entertaining venue for potential models and industry experts, but a great way for an agent/scout to discover new talent!  I would definitely recommend Stacey Mackenzie’s “Walk this Way” workshops for any aspiring model
- Corey Mann, Agent/Scout -Next Models, Canada


“Stacey McKenzie,  You are truly a credit to this industry, your professionalism and enthusiasm are inspirational and contagious.  Thank you for the great workshop you provided our models.  The techniques you taught were valuable, your guidance and considerate ways were appreciated by all.” - Gabriela Pierantoni- President - Corestone Models